A few things some clients wanted to say…

Mike is amazing! I have worked with several other trainers over the years and have not found one until now that really works for me. Mike is committed in helping me with my weight loss goals both with the training as well as with my diet. Because of my busy lifestyle; he helps work with and around my schedule. You can tell when someone is good at their job because they love what they are doing. And it Isis very clear that Mike loves what he is doing!

-Kennedy P.

I was interested in personal training but have an incredibly busy and unpredictable schedule. I was happy to see that Work Out Miami would come to my home. So far it has gone great. Mike is incredibly good at what he does and has provided skill & appropriate workouts for me in my home.

-Chiny C.

I was looking for a new personal trainer because my previous one was moving out of state. I decided to check out who was recommended on angieslist.com and found Mike. I gave him a call and I had my first training session with him.
I have been going to him for several months now and I think he's a great trainer and an all around nice and pleasant person. He is also a Nutritionist.  He will train you at your home or a park or a gym, if you prefer. Mike always keeps the training sessions different and fun. I actually look forward to going and feel that i have become much more toned and flexible.

-Angie N. 


I was looking to lose body fat and tone up at the same time. Michael with Work Me Out Miami has helped motivate me to work harder so i could reach all my goals. I find working with him a pleasure. He creates lots workouts which are complex yet fun at the same time. You can tell he really puts time and effort in keeping our workouts all ways changing we hardly ever repeat the same workouts. Work Me Out Miami has really helped me reach all my Fitness goals! This Company has the best personal training and Nutrition programs I have ever experienced. Mike keeps our workouts fun yet challenging and my nutrition plan custom for me to obtain my best results. I have trained with other Fitness company's in the past but have never seen the results I have accomplished since I began working with Work Me Out Miami. Mike is always on time and has the best prices in town. I couldn't see my self working out with any other fitness or nutrition company in Miami.

-Christie B.

This company was referred to me by a friend.  They came highly recommended and I was very pleased with the gains that I made while working with Mike of Work Me Out Miami.  I found the company's prices to be reasonable, their advice excellent and they were always courteous and punctual. Mike kept me motivated and focused on achieving my goals. As a Tri-athlete, my goals were to lose body fat and build lean muscle mass with the ultimate goal of improving my race times in the categories of swimming, biking and running. Mike gave me a good nutritional program and trained me consistently for a period of three months which helped me to exceed my weight and lean muscle goals.  In addition, Michael explained to me the importance of core strengthening which was key to improving my overall speed. With Mike's coaching, I was able to improve my race day performance beyond my expectations.  I finished the South Beach Nautica Triathlon on Sunday with a time that was 9 minutes faster than my race time the year prior.  I'm now training for my first 1/2 Iron-man race implementing the training regimen that Mike put together for me. I recommend Mike to anyone looking to meet their fitness goals.  He has the skills, knowledge, and very importantly, was fully engaged and enthusiastic about helping me to reach my goals.

-Michael V.